Unique Senior Living

Personalized Private Bedrooms

Waking up in the morning or retreating in the evening to a private personalized bedroom can be experienced by all residents at Belhaven Estate. Furnishings are included  with the option of bringing personal favorites and decor to make the room 'home'. All of our bedrooms are private with window views of the expansive property or lush landscape.

Individualized Care & Services

Personalized Private Bedrooms

Obie enjoying a walk with Monica

 Care & Services 
Personalized Private Bedrooms | Individualized Care & Services | Life Enriching Activities

Life Enriching Activities

Meals served  in our spacious Dining area

With an individualized approach to care and services; our hope is to provide what is needed in the manner that is most beneficial and welcome by our residents. When it comes to bathing we offer both a walk in shower and a luxurious walk in tub for soaking in a spa like experience. Meals are prepared in our well equipped kitchen with input and requests from our residents. 

  • Assistance with grooming, dressing, bathing and incontinent care offered in a caring and gentle manner
  • Medication management and administration assistance
  • Scheduling of transportation to medical and dental appointments
  • Meticulous housekeeping and laundry service
  • Obeservation of phsyical and mental well-being and monitoring for changes
  • Three nutritous, home cooked meals and snacks provided daily. Personalized meal choices offered.

Music, conversation, dancing and more in our natural light filled Living Room

Living on a tree lined estate that is home to a horse, chickens and other wild animals along with lush landscape provides an opportunity to step away from the noise of the city and relax. A variety of activities are offered to our residents with their input and personal requests taking priority. Our residents literally shape our Life Enriching Activity Programs.

  • Observing life and nature from various observation patios and benches on the estate
  • Walking or strolling under canopy of trees
  • Animal therapy and appreciation; observing, petting, feeding, care and grooming of animals
  • Gardening; planning, planting, harvesting plants 
  • Music and art appreciation and expression
  • Exercise that is personalized and enjoyable 
  • Mentally stimulating games and discussions
  • Personalized activities